6 Tips To Get Prepared For Corporate Photography Shoot

Oliver James
4 min readJan 31, 2023

These days more and more corporations and businesses are investing in professional corporate photography as it aids them in beating the competition and portraying themselves as the best company or service provider in the market.

The superior quality pictures can help you to make a great impression on the target customers as well as the corporate world. Your business headshot is frequently the first thing people see when they examine your portfolio website, resume, or LinkedIn profile because of the focus on digital connections in today’s society.

Online, there are many people vying for employers’ attention, so in order to succeed, you’ll need to portray yourself as well as you can. This necessitates getting the ideal business headshot!

Here are eight suggestions on how to prepare for your corporate picture session.

Managers should be given responsibilities with deadlines. Who is in charge of what? What is required to plan a shot? Who must be in the picture?

Have your art director or marketing manager arrange the shoot and make sure everything goes as expected.

It is imperative to identify and set your goal firsthand to get excellent results from corporate photography and the images that represent your brand in the right way.

It is easier to prevent any issues that can develop at the time of the picture shoot if you have everything planned out in advance. You can generate ideas for the picture session by asking yourself the questions on the list that follows.

  • Where will you utilise the pictures?
  • What sort of tone are you trying to get across?
  • What style do you want the images to have?
  • How many staff members must be photographed?
  • How many employees are in the group photo?
  • What are the colours of your company?

Once the specifications for the corporate shots have been defined, discuss your goals with the photographer to get the overall appearance and feel you want in photographs. Ask him/her what they need to acquire the particular look you are striving for. The simpler it will be for your photographer to guide the session, the more information they have in advance. You may get in touch with them by email or in person. My own experience demonstrates that talking to a photographer in person expedites the procedure.

Then give them the shoot’s schedule so they can be fully aware of the scheduling, equipment needed, crew size, and any specific requirements.

Avoid scheduling anything immediately after your shot in case it goes longer than intended. Instead, schedule the photo session a few weeks in advance if you want the portraits to be finished by a specific date. This will also give enough time for the photographer to edit the photos.

Also, it’s preferable to plan the shot for the early hours of the day, perhaps one hour after the start of the workday.

Add buffer time in your schedule so that if something takes longer than expected, the day won’t be thrown off. Include time for setting up and taking down the equipment. Great time management ahead is beneficial to avoid the issues that arise because of an employee’s late arrival or when the photographer captures a situation more swiftly or slowly than intended; problems are less likely to occur.

To help everyone organise their day, give them the dressing instructions, the meeting place, and the time the shoot will last. Any employees who are in difficulty should let you know right away.

It’s best for each member of the team to dress in a way that complements the environment and the others. For formal business photos, I advise wearing straightforward, traditional, and conservative attire.

Cleanliness, polish, and a youthful appearance are required for business clothes.

Simple design as well as solid tones and colours, usually look well. Although an elegant little design on a tie or scarf might be acceptable, you should opt for basic colours.

A few days ahead of your corporate picture session, get a pro haircut, and ensure your hair colour appeals to your target market. Even if you adore unconventional hairstyles or vivid, unnatural hues, now is the moment to make a compromise. Consult your hairstylist as well as a photographer on how to present yourself in the best professional way possible. Remember, you may always experiment with your appearance in the future, but you never have a second chance to make a good first impression!

A Final Verdict-:

Little details make a huge impact when assembling the components for the perfect professional photo. Choose the best Corporate Photography pro in Bristol to make the greatest first impression since it matters a lot.

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Oliver James

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